Red clover seeds of Kenlancl and Curicó varieties were irradiated with gamma rays, grown bagged and hand rubbed in the fíeld. No significant differences were found in seeds per plant, in different varieties or different levels of irradiation when tested against the non irradiated control. Caged X1 and X2 clonal material of Kenland red clover which had been irradiated as seeds with neutron and gamma irradiations was also studied. No significant differences estimated in seeds per head, were obtained among the irradiated clones and their controls in types of irradiation, in generations or in levels of irradiation. Highly significant diferences were obtained between irradiated and a few self-fertile clones. The ocurrence of seecl produced by pseudo-fertility and by selffertility was demostrated and a theoretical separation between them was made. The possibilities of using irradiation seed in a breeding program were discussed based on the results of this pilot stucly. A method of hybridization utilizing the pseudo-fertile seed was, suggested.

Key words:

1 Ingeniero Agrónomo M. S.

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