Red raspberry evaluation in the dryland zone of Cauquenes, Chile, under drip irrigation

Arturo Lavin A.1

Since 1982, the performance of red raspberry is being evaluated at the Cauquenes Experimental Station (INlA-Chile). Phenology, fruiting habits and production sequences, and some fruit characteristics have been evaluated. Results, until the 1987/88 season, have demonstrated that the species perform well under the agroclimatic conditions of the area, when irrigated. Some cultivars yielded over 7.5 ton/ha, which is considered a satisfactory reference yield level in other areas. In general, the best performing cultivars were Heritage, August Red and Willamette, but others, with less seasons of evaluation, are showing promising characteristics.

Key words:

1 Subestación Experimental Cauquenes (INIA), Casilla 165, Cauquenes, Chile

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