Recovery of rootlet-rot (Phytophthora cinnamomi Rands) diseased avocado trees, with foliage sprays

Adriana Pinto de T.1 e Iris Carreño I.1

During 1981, severely defoliated and diseased avocado trees were sprayed (1) monthly and (2) every two months with Aliette (Fosetyl Aluminium), in dosages of 400 g/100 lt of water. Thetrial was located in Quillota, V Region, Chile. In 1982, treatments 1 and 2 were sprayed two times, during the spring growth (October-November) and two times, during autumn (April-May). Dosage was 300 g/100 It of water. In spring 1983, both treatments were sprayed two times with 300 g/l100 It. Treatment 1, that started with monthly sprays the first year, showed the best recovery of thetrees. Diseased checks, maintained with and without weeds, did not show any recovery.

Key words:

1 Estación Experimental La Platina (INIA), Casilla 439, Correo 3, Santiago, Chile.

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