Results are given on the investigation of the phototropism of Hylamorpha elegans Burm. and Brachysternus prasinus Guér. conducted in a chamber designed by Peterson & Haeusler. Trials were made at the Agricultural Experiment Station of Trianón, Temuco, Although no effort is made here to make practical use of these results, they give hope foro future control based on phototropic lamps.
In their adult stage H. elegans Burm. and B. prasinus Guér. show a positive phototropism. The most attractive colors were in the same order: red, rubi red, blue (sky, marine and ultramarine) and green dark and light (table 1). The degree of attraction noticeable is proportional to the intensity of the light used (table 2). Brachysternus prasinus Guér. is better attracted by white light, the blue light of the sun and opal (table 3). Both species are equally attracted by blue light. (sky and ultramarine).

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1 Ingeniero Agronómo, Entomólogo, Sección Zoología Agrícola, Departamento de Investigaciones Agrícolas

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