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One trial was carried out during three consecutivo years to study the influence of rate seeding on the yields of two varieties of beans. This trial was planted at the Estación Experimental Centro-Sur, Chillán. Aldrin and Orthocide 75 were app!ied to the soil. Caterpillar worms were controlled in due time using D. D. T. The treatments were 40-60-80-100 and 120 kilógramos to the hectare. The varieties used were Michelite and Zepelines. The distance between rows was not disturbed. According to the results of three years trial, yields must not be ínfluenced by seeding rates of 40 and 60 kilógramos of seeds to the hectaxe if requisits shown on the conclusions are met on normal years. One also can conclude that is not necesary to sow over than 80 Kgs. to the hectare on the area covered by the Estación Experimental Centro-Sur.

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