CONTENT "CHILEANJAR" VOL 73 ISSUE 1. January - March 2013

Cold tolerance evaluation of chilean rice genotypes at germination stage.
Authors: Gabriel Donoso Ñanculao, Mario Paredes Cárcamo, Oscar Arbiza de los Santos, Viviana Becerra Velásquez
Pages: 3 - 8 | Abstract | Full Text PDF |
Gene action and combining ability of yield and its components for late kharif season in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) moench)
Authors: Medagam Thirupathi Reddy, Kadiyala Hari Babu, Mutyala Ganesh, Hameedunnisa Begum, Jampala Dilipbabu, Reddivenkatagari Subbarama Kri Reddy
Pages: 9 - 16 | Abstract | Full Text PDF |
Microencapsulation of maqui (Aristotelia chilensis (Molina) Stuntz) leaf extracts to preserve and control antioxidant properties
Authors: Leslie Vidal, Marcia Avello L., Cristina Loyola C., Jorge Campos P., Pedro Aqueveque M., Stephanie R. Dungan, María Galotto L., and Abel Guarda M.
Pages: 17 - 23 | Abstract | Full Text PDF |
Field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis L.) and redroot pigweed (Amaranthus retroflexus L.) control in potato by pre- or post-emergence applied flumioxazin and sulfosulfuron.
Authors: Ioannis Vasilakoglou, Kico Dhima, Konstantinos Paschalidis, Thomas Gastsis, Konstantinos Zacharis, and Miltos Galanis
Pages: 24 - 30 | Abstract | Full Text PDF |
Phosphorus absorption and use efficiency of Lotus spp. under water stress conditions in two soils: A pot experiment.
Authors: Carolina Castillo, Hernán Acuña, Erick Zagal, Luis Inostroza
Pages: 31 - 40 | Abstract | Full Text PDF |
Seed softening patterns of forage legumes in a temperate/subtropical environment in Uruguay
Authors: Javier Do Canto, Rafael Reyno, Daniel Real, Clinton Revell
Pages: 41 - 47 | Abstract | Full Text PDF |
Effect of breed and feeding on the carcass characteristics of Chilote breed lamb
Authors: Jorge Ramirez, Rodrigo Morales, Maria Eugenia Martinez, Rodrigo de la Barra,
Pages: 48 - 54 | Abstract | Full Text PDF |
Effect of soil depth and increasing fertilization dose on yield and its components of two durum wheat varieties
Authors: Juan Hirzel, and Ivan Matus
Pages: 55 - 59 | Abstract | Full Text PDF |
Investigations of Plum pox virus in Chile for the past 20 years
Authors: Guido Herrera
Pages: 60 - 65 | Abstract | Full Text PDF |
Cracking in sweet cherries: A comprehensive review from a physiological, molecular and genomic perspective
Authors: Cristián Balbontín, Héctor Ayala, Richard M. Bastías, Gerardo Tapia, Miguel Ellena, Carolina Torres, José Antonio Yuri, José Quero-García, Juan Carlos Ríos, Herman Silva
Pages: 66 - 72 | Abstract | Full Text PDF |
Validation of a leaf area prediction model proposed for rose
Authors: Giancarlo Fascella, Salem Darwich, and Youssef Rouphael
Pages: 73 - 76 | Abstract | Full Text PDF |
Genetic variation within three populations of Phycella australis (Phil.) Ravenna from Biobío Region, Chile, evaluated using ISSR markers.
Authors: Cristian Flores, Catherine Delaveau, Carolina Alvarez, Dafne Vergara, Carlos Baeza, Eduardo Ruiz, Matilde Uribe
Pages: 77 - 81 | Abstract | Full Text PDF |