Patricio Parodi P.1 y Héctor Wulf M.2

Twentv nine experimental wheat hybrids, derivatives of combinations between fifteen parents possesing difierent levels of quality were analyzed in the F1 generation, F2 endosperm, for the foIlowing quality factors: Pelshenke value, sedimentation time, protein content, mixing time, loaf volume and texture. The data showed that, on this germplasm, the expression of heterosis was in general low. There was, however, a group of parents whose descendants had comparatively adequate quality values. It is considered necessary to conduct hybrid wheat research in order to identify combinations of parents that will aIlow to improve, or at least not to deteriorate, average levels of quality.

1 Ingeniero Agrónomo M. S., Proyecto Trigo Estación Experimental La Platina~ Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuaría
2 Ingeniero Agrónomo. Laboratorio Farinología, Proyecto Trigo, Estación Experimental La Platina, Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias.