Evaluation of growth, fattening and carcass in black and white Frisian steers and in crosses with Holstein Frisians

Ljubo Goic M.1, Enrique Siebaid S.1 y Mario Matzner K.1

Twenty four Friesian (F) and 24 Friesian x Holstein (F x H) steers were evaluated in a trial at the Remehue Experimental Station (INIA, Osorno). The evaluation was done with three liveweights at slaughter (460,520 and 580 kg). Treatments with a high L.W. at slaughter (520 and 580 kg),were managed on pasture. Treatments with 460 kg at slaughter were kept in a barn during the second winter. Daily weight gains during the entire trial were similar, except during the second winter for animals with hay supplementation on pasture, where F steers obtained better daily weight gains (0.320 versus 0.184 kg/day; P < 0.05). Also, in general, there was a tendency to better daily weight gains with F steers, when slaughtered at higher L.W. A similar tendency (advantage for the F steers) was observed in the quarters relation. Results suggest that large differences in carcass conformation are not fully reflected in carcass composition.

1 Estación Experimental Remehue (INIA), Casilla 24-0, Osorno, Chile.