Incidence of the wheat curl mite Eriophyes tulipae Keifer (Acar., Eriophyidae) on yield and quality of garlic bulbs

Patricia Larraín S.1

An experiment was carried out during two years, at the La Platina Experimental Station (INIA), Santiago, Chile. Treatments were: 1. non infested bulbs; 2. infested bulbs; and 3. infested plus treated bulbs. Planting was distributed in randomized blocks, with six replications. Number of plants emerged, number of plants with symptoms, and yield of bulbs were recorded. It was concluded that infested bulbs produce a significant lower emergence, distortion in the leaves' growth, and loses in yield of commercial bulbs.

1 Estación Experimental La Platina (lNIA). Casilla 439/3. Santiago. Chile.