Coscorrón Granado-INIA: New bean variety for "|vaina granada"| grain consumption

Gabriel Bascur B.1 y Gilda Herrera G.1

Coscorrón Granado-INIA is a bean variety produced at La Platina Exp. Sta. (INIA-Santiago), crossing Coscorrón Tuniche-1095 times Great Northern 164557 varieties. It has tolerance to the Sean Common Mosaic Virus, "type", "New York-15", and "necrotic" strains. It is a variety for "vaina granada" grain consumption; this is when the pod has a red color, with slight green stripes, and the grain is developed (growthstage R-8; CIAT, 1983). Its period from sowing to first harvest is shorter (85-93 days) and its pod yield is higher, than the Coscorrón types varieties grown in the country.

1 Estación Experimental La Platina (INIA), Casilla 439/3, Santiago, Chile.