Recovery of rootlet-rot (Phytophthora cinnamomi Rands) diseased avocado trees, with foliage sprays

Adriana Pinto de T.1 e Iris Carreño I.1

During 1981, severely defoliated and diseased avocado trees were sprayed (1) monthly and (2) every two months with Aliette (Fosetyl Aluminium), in dosages of 400 g/100 lt of water. Thetrial was located in Quillota, V Region, Chile. In 1982, treatments 1 and 2 were sprayed two times, during the spring growth (October-November) and two times, during autumn (April-May). Dosage was 300 g/100 It of water. In spring 1983, both treatments were sprayed two times with 300 g/l100 It. Treatment 1, that started with monthly sprays the first year, showed the best recovery of thetrees. Diseased checks, maintained with and without weeds, did not show any recovery.

1 Estación Experimental La Platina (INIA), Casilla 439, Correo 3, Santiago, Chile.