Production and growth of a high density peach orchard, conducted in a central leader system, with two pruning intensities

Gamalier Lemus S.1 y Jorge Valenzuela B.2

In the last few years Chilean peach orchards are being planted in high densíty systems, to obtain early and better yields. However, there are no experiences about planting arrangement and pruning. This paper presents yield and tree growth data, from a central leader high density orchard, with two pruning intensities, during five years. The system produced good yields, in the first years of the orchard life. Fruit yield depended on pruning intensity.

1 Subestación Experimental Los Tilos (INIA), Casilla 223, Buin.
2 Estación Experimental La Platina (INA), Casilla 439 / 3, Santiago, Chile.