Phenology of berry development rn unirrigated vines cv. Pais (Syn. Mission), at Cauquenes, Chile

Arturo Lavín A.1

During the 1977/78 growing season, at the Cauquenes Experiment Station (INIA), periodical samplings of grape bunches were performed in order to characterize the variation of the different berry growth and development parameters.
It was concluded that berry growth and development, for Ibis cultivar, is characterized by three phases: from 0 fo 45, 45 to 65,and 65to 110 days alter anthesis, respectively, followed by a phase of overripness. AlI variables are represented by positive double sigmoid curves, except for acidity, which has a negative simgoid curve.
Ecuations were calculated for the following relationships: diameters/fresh weight (y = a · Xb); diameters/dry weight (ey = a · Xb); dry weight/soluble solids (y = a + bx) and acidity/soluble solids (y = a + b · lnX).

1 Subestación Experimental Cauquenes (INIA), Casilla 165, Cauquenes, Maule, Chile.