Evaluation of INIA 82.2 insecticide band against the fruit tree weevil Naupactus xanthographus Germain (Coleoptera: CurcuIionidae)

Renato Ripa S.1

Three formulations of the INIA 82.2 insecticide band were tested against the fruit tree weevil. The activity was observed outdoors, at the Experiment Station La Cruz, and under field conditions, at Los Andes. The toxicity of the formulations, exposed outdoors, lasted six months, showing a slight reduction the last month. The effec-tivity under field conditions was evaluated in a Thompson Seedless grape orchard, strongly attacked by the pest. Weekly evaluations during 120 deys showed a 99.5 to 99.9% mortality of theadults, compared to the no treatment control. Observation of oviposition showed 17 egg groups in the no treatment controis and no eggs in INIA 82.2 treated vines.

1 Subestación Experimental La Cruz (INIA), Casilla 3, La Cruz. Chile.