Frequency and intensity of utilization of a sorghum x sudangrass hybrid on rice soils. Ñuble, VIII Region

Patricio Soto O.1, Marcos Figueroa R.2, Claudio Martínez R.2

At the Quilamapu Research Station (Chillán), during the October 1981 to April 1982 period, a study was carried out in order to determine Sudax ST-6 adaptability to rice soils. Different frequencies and intensities of utilization were evaluated in relation with theagronomic response of the hybrid and ts forage quality. Results showedthat thelargest forage productionwas obtained mowing at plant height of 60 cm and leaving 2.5 cm of stubble. lncreasing frequency of utilization affected negatively growth rate and positively plant population and protein content. In general, crude protein content and tillering production were negatively affected by the intensity of utilization. Results also showed that Sudax ST-6 is an interesting alternative for a cattle production system in rice soils.

1 Estación Experimental Quilamapu (INIA), Casilla 426, Chillán, Chile.
2 Universidad de Concepción, Casilla 537, Chillán, Chile.