Chemical composition and nutritional characteristics of the cardoon (Cynara cardunculus L.) as a feed for Iivestock

Claudio Wernli K.1, Ignacio Tamés E.2

Chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of the cardoon, a weed extensively found in the range and irrigated solls of central Chile were determined, in ordertoanalyse its possible use as a roughage for livestock. With a low content in cruda protein (5.7%, D.M. basis) and minerals, and 55% digestibility, it appears as a medium quality foodstuff. Due te the high level of total non structural carbohydrates and low protein content, it is highly likely that this plant may be well preserved as silage.

1 Estación Experimental La Platina (INIA), Casilla 5427, Santiago, Chile.
2 Manquehue Norte 2125 (101), Santiago, Chile.