Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization in the stablishment and growth of Atriplex repanda PhiI.

Jorge García Huidobro P. de A.1, Fernando Squella N.1, Raúl Meneses R.2

At Los Vilos Experiment Substation (lNlA), a factorial experiment was stablished iii 1977, with five nitrogen rates (0, 8.8, 17.8, 35.8, and 71.1 kg/ha of N), and three phosphorus rates (0, 25, and 50 kg/ha of P2O5). Both fertilizers were applied at the site where the bushes were planted. Response to nitrogen was high, but no response to phosphorus was observed. Fertilization with 17.8 kg/ha of N produced the highest yield: 140 and 110 kg/ha of dry matter, during the first and the second year, respectively. With this level of fertilization, bushes developed a height and diameter adequate to be used at the end of the first year, and also protein/ha production was close to four times the amount obtained with no nitrogen.

1 Estación Experimental La Platina (INIA), Casilla 5427, Santiago, Chile.
2 Subestación Experimental Los Vilos (INIA), Casilla 40, Los Vilos, Chile.