Rationalization of the production pruning in vineyards with cv. Pais formed with the traditional local "|head"| system

Arturo Lavin A.1

From 1972 to 1979 the traditional local pruning system was compared with the head trained-spur pruned system, each with two levels of buds retained, in an unirrigated vineyard at the Cauquenes Experimental Station (INIA), located close to the city of Cauquenes, in south-central Chile.
Growth, as total length of shoots and pruning weight, and yiel were measured. Significan differences were observed only for yiel, in some of the years, but not always for the same treatments.
The relationships among the variables were calculated and these showed that when pruning with shorter spurs, lower fruit yields per unit of growth were obtained.
There were no differences in yield between the traditionally pruned and the head trained-spur pruned vines, but some vineyard's management advantages were noticed when using the second of these systems.

1Ing, Agr., Subestación Experimental Cauquenes (lNIA), Casilla 165, Cauquenes,Maule, Chile.