THE CUTWORMS Euxoa bilitura (Guenée) AND Euxoa lutescens (Blanchard). l. FIELD OVIPOSITION AND POPU LATIONS STUDIES

Renato Ripa1

Some biological aspects of the cutworms Euxoa bilitura and Euxoa lutescens were studied. The curve of adults caught by a light trap, showed three fairIy definided generations through the year.
Both species showed six larval stages. The three last stages did progressively more damage to the crop.
The oviposition habit observed in field cages, indicated that E. lutescens lays eggs only on fluffy soils a few milimeters under the surface. Euxoa bilitura lays eggs also in the fluffy soils and on the vegetation, under the conditions of this study.

1Ing. Agr., Ph. D., Subestación Experimental La Cruz, Casilla 3, La Cruz, Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIA), Chile.