Yolanda Hamuy1, Ida Latorre1 y María Licuime1

A biological method for gibberellins determination (A3) was tested. This compound produces the extension of the cucumber hypocotyl segments (Cucumis sativus var. Inglés) if their cotyledons are not excised.
This bioassay is specific for gibberellic acid (A3). Kinetins (furfuryl amino purine) and indolacetic acid practically do not induce growth.
The sensibility of the method was studied and it is coácluded that is sensitive to a concentration of l X 10-9 g/mI G. A.
Investigations were carried out on the effects of temperature, incubation time and seedling length to obtain the maximun growth.

1Químicos Farmacéuticos, Departamento de Química Farmacológica. Facultad de Química y Farmacia, Universidad de Chile, Casilla 233, Santiago, Chile.