Rosa María Valdebenito S.1 y Adriana Pinto de Torres2

The fungicides Benlate (benomyl), NF-44 (thiophanate), sodium-0-phenylphenate and the mixture of Sclex (dichlozolin) and Piomy (piomicin) applied by inmersion of the fruit after harvesting were tested to control Penicillium expansum, Botrytis cinerea and Alternaria alternata in cold storage of pears and apples. Pears of the varieties "Winter Nelis" and "Winter Barttlet", and apples of the varieties "Granny Smith" and "Starking Delicious" were used as experimental material.
Benlate 50% (600 ppm) and NF-44 50% (600 ppm) were very effective against P. expansum and B. cinerea. The mixture of Sclex and Piomy in doses of 3,000 ppm and 5,000 ppm respectively, controlled A. alternata and B. cinerea.
The systemic fungicides Benlate and NF-44 appear to increase the development of since it causes larger lesions on the treated fruits than on the checks.

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