José Potocnjak R.1, Alejandro Skoknic K.1 y Sergio Cornejo V.1

An experiment using 16 pigs from 37 Kg live weight up to market weight which were alloted to 4 treatments, each including 2 barrows and 2 gilts. Fish meal-protein was substituted for rape seed oil meal-protein at levels of 25 - 50 and 75 percent. Average daily gain and feed comsumption was controlled and feed conversion calculated for each pig. Replacement of fish meal by rape seed meal didn´t have any significant upon the parameters considered.
The average environmental conditions during the experiment were: temperature: 11,7ºC and relative humidity: 79,9%.

1Médicos Veterinarios, Departamento de Producción Animal, Facultad de Ciencias Pecuarias y Medicina Veterinaria, Universidad de Chile, Casilla 5539, Santiago, Chile.