An investigation to determine the proper time to harvest hemp in order to get the maxirnum yield of either fiber or seed, or both, from the same planting was made at the Acóncagua Plant Breeding Station, Los Andes, Chile in 1943-44. There were six different harvest periods, the first when the male plants began to shed pollen, the next four at intervals of 15 days and the 1ast when all- the plants were completely mature.
Notes on the morphological appearance of the plants were taken and the following factors determined for each harvest period: (a) stalk yield, "technical length", diameter, dry matter, percentage and yield of fiber; (b) seed yield, weight, germination, oil content, and yield of oil.
The conclusions reached are as follows: (1) For fiber alone, hemp should be harvested not later than when the male plants are heginning to dry and the females are still green but have already formed some seeds. (2) For seed alone, the plants should be harvested when completely mature. (3) For both fiber and seed, harvesting should take place when most of the stamínate plants and most of the lea ves on pistallate plants are dry.

1 Ing. Agr. Departamento de Genética y Fitotecnia