This investigatíon proves, for the first time, the existence of bovine genital trichonioniasis in Chile. In 1,000 random samples taken from the vagina and uterus of cows slaughtered in the Santiago municipal abattoir, 21 were found positive to Trichomonas foetus. A great number of the positive samples wére obtained from cows suffering with pyometra and catarrhal endometritis. In all of the positive, pyometra cases, the pus was fluid, whitish in color, grumous and odorless.
T. foetus was kept alive in physiologic saline at room temperature as long as 4 to 6 days although it could not be maintained in culture media more than 72 hours. The greatest success in staining was obtained with Giemsa's solution and Heidenhain's iron-hematoxylin.
One uterus posítive to T. Foetus was studled histologically and when Giemsa's solution was used a chronic inflammation with a large infiltration of white cells and plasma cells was revealed. In preparations stained with hematoxylin, T. foetus was not found in the membrane proper of the mucous membrane of the uterus.

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