The Experimental Section for Tuberculosis of San José Hospital carried on a trial to find out the mode of action of promine, which has shown an inhibitin effect on experimental, tuberculosis and also in pyogenuos infections.
The object of this study was to establish a comparison of the mode of action of promine on pyogenes bacteria with that of other sulfa drugs oí known action.
The best index of comparison of the action was considered to be that of the inhibition of PABa on sulfa drugs. To obtain clear cut results, in vivo trials were made. In making the comparative scale, the following sulfa drugs were used: Sulfanilamide, Sulfapiridine, Sulfadiazine and Promine.
White mice were used as test animals and Streptococcus Schütz as the infective agent. 414 animals were given 19 lethal doses each of a highly virulent strain of Streptococcus Schütz. Nine groups of 46 animals each were made.

1 Médico Veterinario. Auxiliar de Laboratorio del Instituto de Investigaciones Veterinarias