It was considered necessary to do a phenotypical analysis of one hundred and tree lettuce introductions, in order to determine the synonyms that are co:mmonly given to the cultivar "Milanesa", which is the most cropped lettuce of the country.
Observations made and other informations permit deduce that it is known under the following names: Milanesa, Milán, Milán Parker, Parker, Gallega, Gallega de invierno, Gallega D'hiver, Crespa de invierno, Crespa de Verona, Coquimbana and Fordhook.
With the idea of avoiding confusions, it is proposed, for this country, the use of only one name: "Milanesa".

1 Ingeniero Agrónomo M. S., Profesor Cátedra de Horticultura, Universidad Austral de Chile