Decrease in pupation and adult emergence of Plutella xylostella (L.) treated by hexaflumuron.

Mohammad Mahmoudvand1,2*, Habib Abbasipour1, Aziz Sheikhi Garjan3, Ali Reza Bandani4

The oligophagous pest Plutella xylostella (L.) is a major crucifer pest in Tehran Province, Iran. Hexaflumuron is an insect growth regulator insecticide with good effects on immature insect stages. The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of two sublethal concentrations (LC10 and LC25) of hexaflumuron on some biological parameters of P. xylostella larvae, such as birth rate (b), death rate (d), finite rate of increase (λ), generation time (T), sex ratio, pupation rate, and adult emergence. Results showed that hexaflumuron decreased the total number of eggs and oviposition and post-oviposition periods, pupation, and adult emergence in the treated generation, b, and λ. Hexaflumuron also increased T, d, and the pre-oviposition period. However, sex ratio, percentage of pupation, and adult emergence in the offspring generation were not affected by hexaflumuron. Overall, these results indicated that sublethal concentrations of hexaflumuron can affect the biological parameters of P. xylostella.

Keywords: Plutella xylostella, hexaflumuron, sublethal, birth rate, death rate, oviposition period.
1Shahed University, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Plant Protection, P.O. Box 18151/159,Tehran, Iran.
2Islamic Azad University, Department of Plant Protection, Khorramabad Branch, 68135 Khorramabad, Iran.*Corresponding author (msco_1381@yahoo.com).
3Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection, P.O. Box 1454-19395, Tehran, Iran.
4University of Tehran, University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Department of Plant Protection, P.O. Box4111, Karaj, Iran.