Characterization of volatile compounds in the essential oil of sweet lime (Citrus limetta Risso).

María C. Colecio-Juárez1, Rubria E. Rubio-Núñez2, José E. Botello-Álvarez1, Gloria M. Martínez-González1, José L. Navarrete-Bolaños1, and Hugo Jiménez-Islas1*

The essential oil of citrus fruit contains components pleasant sensory characteristics that are appreciated in food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. In the case of sweet lime (Citrus limetta Risso), is necessary to characterize the essential oil components, to identify potential uses of this fruit. The essential oil of sweet lime was obtained from lime flavedo in four different maturation stages. Steam distillation was employed and then compared with hexane extraction. The identification of the components in the essential oil was carried out by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. A total of 46 components were found in the essence of lime, among which the highest concentration of compounds present were aldehydes such as limonene. Linalool, sabinene, and bergamol were more abundant than in other varieties. The best extraction method was steam distillation, and the concentrations in stage III from the main terpenic portion were d-limonene with 74.4%, bergamol with 8.23%, and β-pinene with 7.62%.

Keywords: Sweet lime, Citrus limetta, essential oil, steam distillation, maturation stages.
1 Instituto Tecnológico de Celaya, Laboratorio de Bioingeniería y Departamento de Ingeniería Química-Bioquímica, Av. Tecnológico y Antonio García Cubas s/n. 38010. Celaya, Guanajuato, México. *Corresponding author (hugo.jimenez@itcelaya.edu.mx).
2Universidad Tecnológica de Salamanca, Carrera de Química, Área Ambiental, Boulevard Morelos 1900, Col. El Pirul, Salamanca, Guanajuato, México.