Environmental risk assessment of the insecticide Cartap in bioassays with three invertebrates

José Iannacone O.1 y Lorena Alvariño F.1

The ecotoxicological impact of the insecticide cartap, extracted from the marine polychaete Lumbrinereis spp., was evaluated on three representative organisms of the animal community. The microcrustaceans Moina macrocopa (Sars) (freshwater environment) and Porcellio laevis Latreille (terrestrial environment), and also the parasitoid microhymenopterans Muscidifurax raptorrellus Kogan & Legner (aerial environment) were used as side effect organisms on different models of acute bioassays at 24 and 48 h of exposure to determine the toxicological impact of cartap. The LD50 (mean lethal dose) of P. laevis and the LC50 (mean lethal concentration) of M. macrocopa and M. raptorrellus, allowed the calculation of the risk quotients (RQs) for the environmental risk assessment (ERA) of this product in the ecosystem. The analysis of ERA and LT50 (mean lethal time) indicated a moderate impact for cartap on the environment.

Keywords: insecticide, Moina, Muscidifurax, Porcellio, pesticide.
1 Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal, Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Matemáticas, Laboratorio de Ecofisiología, Área de Biodiversidad Animal, Calle San Marcos 383, Pueblo Libre, Lima, Perú. E-mail: joselorena@terra.com / joseiannacone@hotmail.com.