Growth and nutrient accumulation of Anacardium othonianum Rizz. seedlings grown in nutrient solution

Layara Alexandre Bessa1*, Fabiano Guimarães Silva1, Marialva Alvarenga Moreira1, João Paulo Ribeiro Teodoro1, and Frederico Antônio Loureiro Soares1
Knowledge about the growth and nutritional aspects of Anacardium othonianum Rizz. (‘caju-de-árvore-do-cerrado’), which is a native fruit of the Brazilian Cerrado (savannah), is still incipient. The objectives of the present study were to characterize growth and nutrient accumulation of A. othonianum seedlings grown in a nutrient solution. The experiment was designed in randomized complete blocks with four replicates and six treatments, and the experimental period was 180 d after transplanting (DAT). Each treatment corresponded to an evaluation period that was performed every 30 d. During each sampling period, characteristics related to growth and nutrient accumulation in the plant were evaluated. Plant growth was continuous throughout the cycle with the following maximum values at 180 DAT: 16.76 cm for stem length, 8.09 mm for stem, 11.27 leaves per plant for the number of leaves, and 329.60 cm2 for leaf area. The monthly rates of plant fresh matter and DM accumulation were 3.15 and 1.05 g, respectively. The accumulation of nutrients in A. othonianum seedlings had the following order: Ca > N > K > P > Mg > S for macronutrients and Fe > Mn > B > Zn > Cu for micronutrients.
Keywords: Biomass production, Brazilian savannah, hydroponic cultivation, macronutrients, micronutrient.
1Instituto Federal Goiano, Campus Rio Verde, Caixa Postal 66, CEP: 75901-970 Rio Verde, Goiás, Brasil. *Corresponding author (layara.bessa@ifgoiano.edu.br).