Gamma-ray spectrometry: A complementary method to determine the lithology of soil parental materials. Application to an agrological study

Ricardo Oyarzún L.1, Pablo Alvarez L.2 y Jorge Oyarzún M.3

Gamma-ray spectrometry was used as a complementary tool for the identification of soil parental materials, in an agrological study carried out on the Talhuén basin (30º28’ - 30º36’ S lat, and 71º11’ - 77º18’ W long.), Limarí Province, IV Region, Coquimbo, Chile. The research included gamma radiometric counts inside 36 trenches and comparison against field petrographic observations and geological cartography. Radiometric data were quite precise and consistent with the respective petrographic types, and very useful to determine the spatial distribution of the different lithological units in the study area. It was shown to be an easy-to-use and quick-result technique, which is an additional advantage.

Keywords: Talhuén Basin, Limarí Province, lithology, edaphology.
1 Ingeniero Agrónomo. Marcela Paz 640, La Serena, Chile. E-mail: oyar640@entelchile.net
2 Universidad de La Serena, Departamento de Agronomía, Campus Limarí, Av. La Paz s/n, Ovalle, Chile. E-mail: agro@userena.cl
3 Universidad de La Serena, Departamento de Minas, Benavente 980, La Serena, Chile.