Influence of a combined subsoiler with winged tine upon work efficiency

Di Prinzio, A.P.1; Behmer, S.N.; Striebeck, G.L.; Irisarri, J.A.

Before renovation of orchards and previous to planting it is necessary to reestablish the soil porosity to ensure rapid growth of the root system for all the plants. This condition is achieved by tools which permit significant work, in width and depth, in the future planting row. The aim of this study was to determine the influence on work efficiency of a winged tine located in the lower part of a combined subsoiler. A combined subsoiler with superficial rigid chisel with two tine designs were used: a) simple tine, and b) winged tine, both 55 mm wide and 25º angle of incidence and a wing spread 350 mm. The treatments were as follows: 1. Combined subsoiler without wings, and 2. Combined subsoiler combined with wings; the variables determined were the disturbed area and the fuel consumption. A completely randomized statistical design with three replicates was used. The results indicate that the incorporation of the winged tine on the combined subsoiler increases the disturbed area and the work efficiency.

Keywords: fruit crops, soil, subsoiler, fuel consumption.
1 Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias, Departamento de Producción. C.C. 85 (8303) Cinco Saltos, Río Negro, Argentina. E-mail: mecagri@uncoma.edu.ar.