Temperate japonica rice (Oryza sativa L.) breeding: History, present and future challenges

Karla I. Cordero-Lara1*
Rice is a staple food mainly cultivated in the tropics, however ~20% of global production originates from temperate regions. The japonica rice (tropical and temperate), is the unique rice type adapted to the temperate conditions through evolution. Nevertheless, at present, there is limited information regarding to breeding of temperate japonica rice because most of the global research and production has been focused on indica rice, which is the most cultivated type (~80% of global production). However, there are many countries where rice is grown under temperate conditions, such as Japan, Russia, Australia, USA, Chile, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Hungary, among others. More information and collaboration between these countries are required to develop better japonica rice cultivars to meet the current agricultural challenges. Here, the japonica rice breeding history, current status and future challenges are compiled to be available to japonica rice breeders, researchers and growers.
Keywords: Oryza sativa, plant breeding, rice, temperate japonica.
1Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias, INIA Quilamapu, Av. Vicente Méndez 515, Chillán, Chile.
*Corresponding author (kcordero@inia.cl).