Spatial distribution of soil moisture in a small watershed of Córdoba, Argentina.

H. P. Apezteguía1, R. Sereno, A. M. Aoki, M. R. Ateca, L. E. Romero, R. I. Mendoza, G. F. Esmoriz, C.W. Robledo.

This study aimed to describe the spatial variability of soil moisture in 8 hectares watershed from the Córdoba province, Argentina (31 °29' South, 64°13' West). Soil moisture was measured by gravimetry on 57 points at 3 different depths across 6 sampling dates. Geostatistic methods were used to describe spatial variability, and exponential semivariogram models without "nugget" effect were fitted. The models were cross validated. A clear spatial association between ranges of 70 and 145 m was observed.

Keywords: Soil moisture, spatial variability, geostatistic.
1 Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias, Grupo de Gestión Ambiental de Suelo y Agua. CC 509. 5000 Córdoba, Argentina. E- mail: hapezte@agro.uncor.edu.