Queñoa INIA is a facultative bread wheat cultivar suited for the coastal dryland areas of the Central Zone of Chile

Ignacio Ramírez A.1, René Cortázar S., Ernesto Hacke E., Denise Granger Z. y Mireya Zerené Z.

Oueñoa INIA is a bread facultative type wheat derived from an spring x winter cross made at Carillanca Exp. Station in 1977. Later on, an F3 bulk selection was sown at La Platina Exp. Sta. and final pedigree selections were made at Hidango Dryland Exp. Sta. under raifed conditions. Yield testing begun in 1989 under irrigated and dryland rainfed conditions at Exp. Stas. Hidango, La Platina, Quilamapu and Carillanca and other dryland locations. It has spring-growth, erect habit, with 100-110 cm plant height, strong straw, vigorous tillering. It shows resistance to Puccinia striiformis and moderate resistance to moderate susceptibility to P. recondita. Oueñoa INIA has demonstrated an exceptional yield potential and good adaptation under rainfed conditions, between 7.5 and 10.5 ton/ha. It has good test weight and acceptable to good bread making characteristics.

Keywords: Wheat, facultative, bread type, resistance, yield, quality.
1 Centro Regional de Investigación La Platina (INIA), Casilla 439, Correo 3, Santiago, Chile.