Bradysia coprophila (Lintner) (Diptera: Sciaridae) in red clover (Trlfollum pratense L.)

Alfonso Agullera P.1 y Fernando Ortega K.1

During 1993, at the Regional Research Center-INIA, Carillanca, IX Region, Chile, a 9% plant loss presumably caused by diptera larvae was detected in red clover. Greenhouse experiments showed root damage caused by Bradysia coprophila (Lintner) (Diptera: Sciaridae). This species is a new recording in Chile of injurious insects for Trifolium pratense.

Keywords: Bradysia coprophila, red clover, Chile.
1 Centro Regional de Investigación Carillanca (INIA), Casilla 58-O, Temuco, Chile.