Isela-INIA, a new table grape cultivar

Nicole Hewstone O.1*, Jorge Valenzuela B.1 y Carlos Muñoz S.1

Isela-INIA is a mid season ripening table grape (Vitis vinifera L.) cultivar released by the Table Grape Breeding Program at the La Platina Research Centre of the National Agricultural Research Institute, Santiago, Chile. The berries are medium-sized, seedless, green, firm and flavor-full. Giberellic acid combined with girdling can be employed for thinning so as to increase berries size. It usually shows two clusters per shoot, so one cluster can be removed. Some shoulders must be removed in order to improve fruit presentation; this thinning must be done before the veraison, to avoid bruising. It ripens before ‘Thompson Seedless’. Post harvest life in good conditions can last up to 45 days at 0ºC.

Keywords: Vitis vinifera, table grape, new cultivar, seedless.
1 Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias, Centro Regional de Investigación La Platina, Casilla 33/3, Santiago, Chile. E-mail: nhewston@inia.cl * Autor para correspondencia.