Prediction of in vivo Metabolizable Energy Content of direct-cut silages

René Anrique G.1, Víctor Moreira L.1, Juan C. Dumont L.2, Daniel Alomar C.1

Considering the need for having prediction equations of metabolizable energy content, adequate for the kind of silages produced in Chile, 48 direct-cut silages of each of the following categories were studied: native fertilized pasture, rye-grass-clover pasture, oat pasture and short rotation rye grass pastures. In vivo ME content of each silage was determined with cattle. Silages were also analized chemically and by in vitro digestibility. Results indicated the need for using toluene DM determination to avoid underestimation of energy intake and ME content. General and within forage equations based on one (DIV) or two variables (DIV, CP) adequately predicted ME content. The use of other chemical components including gross energy did not improve the predictions. Equations based only on chemical composition could not adequately predict ME content.

Keywords: metabolizable energy prediction, direct cut silages.
1 Instituto de Producción Animal. Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias. Universidad Austral de Chile. Casilla 567. Valdivia, Chile.
2 Centro Regionai de Investigación Remehue (INlA), Casilla 24-O. Osorno, Chile