Soil'|s nitrate, comparison of two dosage methods

Angelina V. Fontanive1 y Ana M. de la Horra1

The nitrate determination method by Fries and Getrost (1977) modified by Daniel and Marban (1989), was adapted in this study in order to be used with the extractant KCI 1 M. In this way both methods could be compared on the same extract. The highest values were obtained (average 6.85%) with the colorimetric method over 20 soils with variable contents of nitrate. The colorimetric method is faster and more expensive but needs no special equipment. The statistic analysis showed good correlation between the two methods (r =0.9993).

Keywords: inorganic nitrogen, nitrate, soil nitrate.
1 Facultad de Agronomía, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Departamento de Química. Avda. San Martín 4453 (1417) Buenos Aires. Argentina.