Qualitative detection of glucosinolate in rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) through glucotape

Hugo Campos de Q.1, Nilo Lizama A.1 y Marra Graciela Márquez B.1

In orderto qualitatively assess the level ofglucosinolates in rapeseed seeds, a modified method based on glucotapewas used. By this method the glucosinolates are set in terms of glucose released through their enzymatic hydrolysis. Data obtained showed that the method discriminates among rapeseed germplasm with differential amounts of glucosinolates (R2aj =0.60; α = 0.01). Furthermore, it can be used to cluster rapeseed germplasm with similar levels of glucosinolates. Breeding and industrial applications are discussed, as well.

Keywords: rapeseed, breeding, glucosinolates, glucotape, meal quality.
1 Centro Regional de Investigación Carillanca, Casilla 58-D, Temuco, Chile.