Simulation model of crop and beef for andes foot hill of central south area

Germán Klee G.1, Nicasio Rodríguez S.1, Patricio Soto O.1, Luis Sáez T.2 y Rubén Pulido F.3

A simulation model was developed using data obtained at The Andes foothill region of central south Chile. The model enables to take management decisions for an integrated beef cattle wheat production system. The model simulates beef and wheat productions with varying fertilization levels and land areas assigned to both enterprises. Prices for fertilizers and beef can be varied. The model overestimates beef production as compared with some experiments. Wheat production is also overestimated at approximately 20% as compared to trial results. The model could not be validated with experiments with integrated wheat-beef production because this information is not available in the area.

Keywords: model, beef production, wheat production, technology transfer.
1 Estación Experimental Quilamapu. INIA, Casilla 426. Chillán, Chile.
2 Ingeniero Agrónomo, actividad particular.
3 Universidad Austral de Chile, Casilla 567, Valdlvia, Chile.