Two feeding systems with autum born dairy calves

Francisco Lanuza A.1, Günther Stehr H.2 , Norberto Butendieck B.3 y René Pineda A.4

Two artificial calf feeding systems and two individual management systems were compared. Sixteen aulum born calves were (randomly) assigned the following irealments; in a complete randomized design wilh a laclorial arrangement (2 x 2) l. Whole milk unti! 60 days of age (T1) and II. Whole milk unlil 40 days of age (T2). Both trealmenls included two individual managemenl, on wood cage wilh groove Iloor (S1) and straw bedding and lied lo Ihe neck (S2). Twelve hours after birth, calves were started on the artilicial leeding. T1 received 4 L/day of whole milk in two rations from 2nd day lo 60th day of age. T2 received 4 L/day of whole milk in two rations during the lirsl 30 days and later received 2 L/day in one ration for the following 10 days. Allalla (2nd cut) and starter was available lor all the animals during the lirst 90 days. The body weight at 90 days were 99,5 and 100,9 kg (P > 0,05) and 50,6 started intake and 94,9 kg (P < 0,001) for T1 and T2 respectively. Hay intake was 70,3 and 80,5 kg (P > 0,05) lor T1 and T2 respectively. Total dry matter intake was 138,9 and 168,1 kg for T1 and T2, respectively from 2 to 90 days of age. Higher starter intake Ihan hay was observed with calls in cages. It is possible lo do leeding with Iluid milk diet since 40th days of age and slarted (21% P.T.): cost per kilogram of live weight gain were similar and Ihe system lo use will depend of the milk diel cost. The individual tight allow a good call perlormance but the type of leeding trough inlluenced the higher intake af the animal individual caga.

Keywords: calves, management-feeding system, weaníng, feeding-cost.
1 Estación Experimental Aemehue (lNIA), Casilla 24-0, Osorno, Chile.
2 Estación Experimental Carillanca (INlA). Actualmente Porvenir 860, Temuco, Chile.
3 Estación Experimental Carillanca (INlA), Casilla 58-D, Temuco, Chile.
4 Estación Experimental Carillanca (INlA). Actualmente León Gallo 01157, Temuco, Chile.