Effeet of mother-bulb size and weight and shape of seed-elove on galie erop (Allium satívum L.)

Agustín Aljaro U.1

A high correlation between seed-clove weight and harvested bulb caliber has been analysed in relation with the mother-bulb size from which seed claves are obtained or between the quality of harvested bulbs and the seed shape. In particular those claves placed at the center of the mother-bulbs, Finally, the eflects of mother-bulbs andlor seed-cloves on garlic plants with lateral shoots ("pseudobulbs" or "roughness"), has not been investigated either. On July 1st 1987, an experimenl with Rosado-INIA which included three treatments (mother-bulb calibers) and seven sub-treatments (shape and weight of claves) was sown at La Platina Exp. Sta. (INIA). The treatments were: Extra, 53 mm diameter bulbs; First, 45-52 mm d; and Second 37-44 mm d. Each treatment included the following sub-treaments: Normal or pyramidal shaped claves 1-2 g, 2-3 g, 3-4 g, 4-5 g, 5-6 9 and misshaped claves t-2 9 and 2-3 g. The plant densily was 25 pl/m2 and the harvesting dale December 14th. Results confirmed the significant lineal response of seed-clove sizes in relation to the bulb calibers. On the other hand, no eflect of mother-bulb size or seed-clove shape was found. These results suggest that the selection of garlic seeds should be based only on weight of claves. Laterally shooted bulbs or pseudobulbs were not aflected by mother-bulbs caliber or seed-cloves shape. Nevertheless, size of claves did aflect quality of harvested bulbs by this phenomena. in fact, small seed-cloves, particularlly less than 2 g, produced more garlic with lateral shoots.

Keywords: galic crop, seed-clove, seed-bulb, pseudobulbs, roughness.
1 Estación Experimenlal La Platina (INIA), Casilla 349, Correo 3, Santiago. Chile.