Multivariate analysis for yield, climatic factors and bread quality tests of groups of triticales sown in different dates and years in the suoth of Chile

Cristián Hewstone M.1

Grain yield, days to heading, the sum of live climatic variables from sowing lo heading and results of eighl tests related to grain and bread quality were oblained from groups of triticales sown at Carillanca Exp. Sta., in May and August during tour years, and their relations sludied by means of the analysis of main factor and component. Principal factor analysis retained three or four factors in the study of sowing dates and differences among years. Four factors were retaled in the study of differences among sowing dates. Final commonality estimates were high, specially in climatic variables and days to heading. Principal factor analysis relates days to heading and the sum of the five climatic variables in one factor, whose eigenvalues are very high, representing 31 to 59% of the total. This factor was callad Time and a principal component analysis of these variables indicates that, in general, only one factor represents much of the variance. A second factor, called "protein content and qualjty", relates the variables grain hardness, protein percentage and sedimentation value and, in a less clear way, water absortion in farinograph and loaf volume. The others variables, grain yield, test weight, bread weight and W value of farinogram concentrates in factors three and four, but seems to perform independently of each other.

Keywords: triticale, multivariate analysis, yield, climatic variables, bread quality.
1 Estación Experimental Carillanca. Casilla 58-D, Temuco, Chile.