Productivity of the Pisum sativum L., ev. Magnus and Avena sativa L., ev. Llaofén, association in the dryland area. IX Region

Rolando Demanet F.1 y Juan Carlos García D.1

During the 1990/91 season, at the Experimental Station Carillanca (INIA), the adaptation and reponse of Pisum satívum, ev. Magnus, alone and in mixture with Avena sativa, ev. Llaotén, was evaluated and its productivity compared with the mixture of Avena sativa, cv. LIaofén-Vicia atropurpurea. Twelve treatments were evaluated in a divided plots design (2 x 6) with five replications of 12 m2, where the main treatment was the sown date: 25.06.90 and 24.08.90 and the sub plot different seed doses, of non-mixed peas and peas in mixture with oats: 160 kg oats, 50 kg oats and 60 kg peas, 50 kg oats and 120 kg peas, 60 kg oats and 60 kg Vicia, 150 kg peas and 200 kg/ha peas. The treatments were sown on line with both species in the same furrow with a distance of 20 cm between lines. Alltreatments were fertilized with 65.5 kg P and 83.0 kg K/ha as triple supertosfate and potase sulfate, respectively. Non mixed oats were fertilized with 120 kg N, and oats in mixture with legume, were fertilized with 60 kg N/ha as sodic saltpetre. June seed-time yield was 13.2% higher than in treatments sown in august, being in both sowndates the production significatively lower (P < 0.05) for peas sown alonecomparedwith oats-peas and oatsvicia mixtures. In both times the oatsMpeas forage production was not significatively different (P > 0.01) from oats-vicia production. The higher production atternative was the mixture 50 kg oats and 120 kg peas sown in june achieving 15.51 ton D.M./ha and 2.74 ton of protein per hectare.

Keywords: oat, Avena sativa, peas, Pisum satívum, vicia, Vieía atropurpurea, pastura, mixture.
1 Estación Experimental Carillanca (INlA). Casilla 58-D, Temuco. Chile