Productivity of corn hybrids of different vegetative cycle. l. Forage and grain yield and other agronomic characteristics

Alfredo Luchsinger L. 1

The behaviour of 23 corn hybrids of different vegetative oyele was evaluated in terms of fresh matter and grain yield, plant and ear height, grain moisture, ear percentage of the total green matter, dry matter, yield components and days from sowing to flowering (male and female), during the 1986/87 and 1987/88 seasons at the localities of Rinconada (Maipú, Metropolitan Region) and San Agustín de Aurora (San Clemente, Talca). The results obtained indicate that both, the seasons and location influenced the variation shown by the diverse variables under study. In green matter yield, the forage hybrids as well as some grain hybrids obtained a great tonnage/ha (e. g. L. H. Rinconada and P-3183, respectively). In grain, INIA-160 and JX187A were the best. Hybrids whieh produced a high yield in green matter reached a great plant height and ear insertion height. In grain, the highest-yielding hybrids presentad a great ear length and were more precocious. Important interactions were obtained between year/Iocality and year/treatment.

Keywords: forage yield, grain corn yield, plant height, ear height, ear length, ear diameter, days from sowing to flowering (male and female).
1 Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias y Forestales. Universidad de Chile, Casilla 1004, Santiago, Chile.