Redistribution of the precipitation and water balance on maiz cultives in the south of Chile

Anton Huber J.1, Achim Ellies S.1 y Martín Menzel M.1

A water balance on maiz in a Medial mesis typic habludans (Serie Valdivia) ytas determinated, with raingauges and stemflow rings. The amount of rainfall was divided into throughfall, stemflow and interception. The variation in the water content in the soil was determinated by tensiometers and gypsum-blokes located in the soil on and between plant rows. The water distribution on the soil surface was very heterogeneous determined by the plants development. The stemflow increased with plants growth which is the principal factor of the irregular distribution of water in the soil profile. On the plant rows and up to a medium soil depth the matrix potential was greater than between rows. Small precipitations only have a significant effectiveness on the soil through stemflow.

Keywords: corn, maíz, lea mayz, water balance.
1 Universidad Austral de Chile, Casilla 567, Valdivia, Chile.