Edited and published by Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIA), Ministerio de Agricultura, Chile

Pages 497 - 639
October - December

Cover photography: Copao fruit (Eulychnia acida Phil.)
Source: María Angélica Salvatierra, Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias, INIA Intihuasi, La Serena, Chile.

Growth and yield response of watermelon to in-row plant spacings and mycorrhiza
Authors: Dean Ban, Smiljana Goreta Ban, Milan Oplanić, Josipa Horvat, Bruno Novak, Katja Žanić, and Dragan Žnidarčič
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Expression of LHC genes and their relation to photooxidative stress tolerance in Solanum lycopersicum L. and Solanum chilense (Dunal) Reiche
Authors: Javier Chilian, Isabel Verdugo, Fernando Poblete, Simón Ruiz-Lara, José A. Casaretto, and Enrique González
Pages 503 - 510 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Genetic analysis of relative cell injury percentage and some yield contributing traits in wheat under normal and heat stress conditions
Authors: Jehanzeb Farooq, Ihsan Khaliq, Muhammad Kashif, Qurban Ali, and Shahzadi Mahpara
Pages 511 - 520 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Chemical and nutritional composition of copao fruit (Eulychnia acida Phil.) under three environmental conditions in the Coquimbo Region
Authors: Lilia Masson S. , María Angélica Salvatierra G., Paz Robert C., Cristian Encina A., and Conrado Camilo M.
Pages 521 - 529 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Ethylene, enzymatic and respiratory pattern evolution in loquat (Eriobotrya japonica (Thunb.) Lindl.) cv. Golden Nugget in the last four sequential stages of maturation
Authors: Pedro L. Undurraga M. , José A. Olaeta C., and Cristian Cancino
Pages 530 - 535 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Comparison of pollen production and quality characteristics of cultivated and wild almond species
Authors: Safder Bayazit, Oguzhan Çalişkan, and Burhanettin Imrak
Pages 536 - 541 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Endogenous quantification of abscisic acid and indole-3- acetic acid in somatic and zigotic embryos of Nothofagus alpina (Poepp. &| Endl.) Oerst.
Authors: Pricila Cartes Riquelme, Darcy Ríos Leal, Kátia Sáez Carrillo, Matilde Uribe Moraga, Sofía Valenzuela Aguilar, Stephen Joseph Bolus, and Manuel Sánchez Olate
Pages 542 - 548 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Laboratory trials of Metarhizium anisopliae var. acridum (Green muscle®|) against the saxaul locust, Dericorys albidulaserville (Orthoptera: Dericorythidae).
Authors: Heydar Valizadeh, Habib Abbasipour, Mohammad Mahmoudvand, Hassan Askary, and Vahid Reza Moniri
Pages 549 - 553 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Virulence and pre-lethal reproductive effects of Metarhizium anisopliae var. anisopliae on Pseudococcus viburni (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae)
Authors: Aldo Pereira, Pedro Casals, Ana María Salazar, and Marcos Gerding
Pages 554 - 559 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Effect of grazing systems on range condition in Pabbi Hills Reserve Forest, Kharian, Punjab, Pakistan
Authors: Muhammad Sajjad Haider, Angus Maclaurin, Amjad Ali Chaudhry, Muhammad Mushtaque, and Sami Ullah
Pages 560 - 565 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Fatty acid composition of Longissimus dorsimuscle of Suffolk down lambs fed on different dryland forages
Authors: María Asunción Gallardo, Rubén Pulido, and Carmen Gallo
Pages 566 - 571 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
In situ rumen degradation kinetics of high-protein forage crops in temperate climates
Authors: Ximena Valderrama L., and René Anrique G.
Pages 572 - 577 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Phytochemical evaluation of wild and cultivated pepper (Capsicum annuum L. and C. pubescens Ruiz &| Pav.) from Oaxaca, Mé|xico
Authors: Araceli Minerva Vera-Guzmán, José Luis Chávez-Servia, José Cruz Carrillo-Rodríguez, and Mercedes G. López
Pages 577-585 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Grain quality, nutrient use efficiency, and bioeconomics of maize under different sowing methods and NPK levels
Authors: Abdul Rehman, M. Farrukh Saleem, Muhammad Ehsan Safdar, Safdar Hussain, and Naeem Akhtar
Pages 586 - 593 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Soil management and efficiency of rhizobia strains of cowpea Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. in the tropics
Authors: José Geraldo Donizetti dos Santos, Alana das Chagas Ferreira Aguiar, Edilson Máximo Silva Junior, Danúbia Lemes Dadalto, Merijane Rodrigues Sousa, Gustavo Ribeiro Xavier, and Emanoel Gomes de Moura
Pages 594 - 600 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Estimating monthly solar radiation in south-central Chile
Authors: José Álvarez, Helena Mitasova, and H. Lee Allen
Pages 601 - 609 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Influence of waiting time after insertion of base chamber into soil on produced greenhouse gas fluxes
Authors: Cristina Muñoz, Surinder Saggar, Peter Berben, Donna Giltrap, and Neha Jha
Pages 610 - 614 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Influence of conservation tillage and soil water content on crop yield in dryland compacted Alfisol of central Chile
Authors: Ingrid Martínez G., Carlos Ovalle, Alejandro Del Pozo, Hamil Uribe, Natalia Valderrama V., Christian Prat, Marco Sandoval, Fernando Fernández, and Erick Zagal
Pages 615 - 622 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Nutritional strategies to improve nitrogen use efficiency by grazing dairy cows
Authors: Juan Pablo Keim, and René Anrique
Pages: 623 - 633 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Herbicidal potential of Drechslera spp. culture filtrates against Parthenium hysterophorus L.
Authors: Arshad Javaid, Amna Javaid, and Muhammad Akbar
Pages: 634 - 637 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
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