Edited and published by Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIA), Ministerio de Agricultura, Chile

Pages 231 - 344
Julio - Septiembre 1992

Relationship between thrips (Thrips tabaci Lindeman y Frankliniella cestrum Moulton) on lable grapes at bloom and on scarring of berries at harvest. l. Chemical control
Authors: Renato Ripa S., Fernando Rodríguez A. y René Vargas M.
A simulation model for grazing and finishing steers on mixed farms in the Araucanía Region
Authors: Adrián Catrileo S.
Long term evaluation of the produetivity of phalaris and sub-clover pasture, in the interior dryland of the subhumid mediterranean area of Chile
Authors: Carlos Ovalle M. y Julia Avendaño R.
Productivity of the Pisum sativum L., ev. Magnus and Avena sativa L., ev. Llaofén, association in the dryland area. IX Region
Authors: Rolando Demanet F. y Juan Carlos García D.
Productivity of corn hybrids of different vegetative cycle. l. Forage and grain yield and other agronomic characteristics
Authors: Alfredo Luchsinger L.
Epidemiologycal studies on strongylids in sheep. l. Description of the annual pattern of eggs output in hoggests
Authors: Christian Crempien L., Patricio Pérez M., Esteban Pizarro A. y Ximena Muñoz A.
Epidemiologycal studies on strongylids in sheep. II. The effect of stocking rate on the strongylids eggs output, on ewes
Authors: Christian Cremplen L., Hugo Astudillo C. y Rodolfo Wiedmayer C.
Seeding rate and row spaeing effect on grain yleld and yield eomponents in bread wheats (Triticum aestivum L.)
Authors: Mario Mellado Z. e Iván Matus T.
Evaluatlon of two anther culture media tor androgenesis in wheat
Authors: Nicole Hewatone O. y Carloa Muñoz S.
Seed yield losses eaused by lodging in lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.), ev. Araueana-INIA
Authors: Enrique Peñaloza H., Juan Levío C. y Jaime Guerrero C
Identification of Pseudomonas marginalis pv. marginalis (Brown) Stevens, causing stem rot on faba bean (Vicia fabae L.), in Chile
Authors: Paulina Sepúlveda R,
Performance of two shallot cultivar (Allium cepa var. ascalonicum) at five planting dates. II. Yield and quality of bulbs
Authors: Moisés Escaff G., Maria Verónica Larenas de la F. y Gastón Bruna D.
Effeet of lead on onion (Allium cepa L.) root growth.
Authors: Laura Ochoa M., Cecilia Leyton M., Jorge Sans P. e Inés Pepper B.
Trace element survey in Chilean agricultural resources. III. Soils from Malpo and Mapocho valleys, Metropolitan Region
Authors: Sergio González M.
Nutritional and nodulation status of bean crops in the VIII Region, Chile
Authors: Luis Longeri S., Iván Vidal P., Gotardo Schenkel S. y Alfonso Herrera O.
Acalitus essigi (Hassan) (Acarine: Eriophydae), feeding on cultivated and wild blackberries in Chile
Authors: Marcos Gerding P.
Presence of the broad mite, Polyphagoltrsonemus latus on pepino (Solanum muricatum Ait.), In Chile
Authors: Patricia Larraín S., Lourdes Peralta A. y Carlos Quiroz E.
Rating evaluation of plant symptoms to the Russian wheat aphid damage (Diuraphis noxia Mordvilko). A proposed scale
Authors: Carlos Quiroz E.