Edited and published by Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIA), Ministerio de Agricultura, Chile

Pages 297 -
Octubre - Diciembre 1988

Analysis of six agronomic characteristics in spríngwheat
Authors: Mario Mellado Z.
Influence of BYDV on the reaction of wheat to stem rust, Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici Eriks and Henn
Authors: Ernesto Hacke E. y Guido Herrera M.
Effect of prepartum concentrate supplementation of dairy heifers on subsequent milk production
Authors: Carlos Pedraza G. y Alfonso Chacón S.
Response to calcium carbonate and to phosphate fertilization, of the mixture perennial ryegrass-white dover, on an Andisol. Production and botanical evolution
Authors: Ricardo Campillo R.
Rapeseed soap stock and molasses in Hereford young bulis winter rations
Authors: Claudio Rojas G. y Adrian Catrileo S.
Phosphate prevents the inhibitory effect of pentavalent arsenic on root growth in onions (Allium cepa L.)
Authors: Inés Pepper B., Norbel Galanti G. y Jorge Sans P.
Effect of Aliette on apple trees affected by crown and root rot caused by Phytophthora spp.
Authors: Adriana Pinto de T., Iris Carreña I. y Mario Alvarez A.
Effects of stocking rate and seasonal grazing on the lower stratum of the F. gracillima - Ch. diffusum association
Authors: Nilo Covacevich C., Emilio Ruz J. y Carlos D´AIl Orso S.
A new index for the assesment of the declination or the persistence of the lactation curve
Authors: Carlos Pedraza G. y David Rodríguez S.
Identification of Botrytis cinerea Pers., causing blight on chickling vetch (Lathyrus sativus L.) in Chile
Authors: Paulina Sepúlveda R.
Correction of Manganese and Zinc Deficiencies, in Orange Trees
Authors: Bruno Razeto M., José Longueira M., Sylvia Rojas Z. y Gabino Reginato M.
Effect of two grazing frequencies on permanent pastures
Authors: Enrique Siebald Sch., Ljubo Goic M. y Mario Matzner K.
Evaluation ot sweet and hot pepper (Capsicum annuum) genotypes tor res istance to Phytophthora capsici Leonian
Authors: Carmen Fernández M.
Effects of the type of yard on fattening of steers in southern Chile
Authors: Ljubo Goic M., Enrique Siebald Sch. y Mario Matzner K
Efficiency of phosphorous fertilizers on pastures stablished in Chilean Andepts
Authors: Elías Letelier A.
Levels and application frequencies of nitrogen for the cultivar Sabalan of annual ryegrass
Authors: Nolberto Teuber K., Luis Rosso N. y Christian Winkler H.
Libra-INIA/CCU new malting barley cultivar
Authors: Edmundo Beratto M.